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Jimmy’s Journal Entry No. 1

"She fell from a Star, she fell very far, and Kansas she said was the name of the Star, Kansas she said was the name of the Star.."
"Float plane over the Forest"
by Jimmy Wilson 
Imagination, yes imagination.. It’s something we all have, but do we all use it? Sometimes what we want or desire is right there in front of us. Although most of the time we don’t look, or maybe we just don’t see. When I was a kid I made up a whole imaginary world for myself. It helped me deal with all the ups and downs of growing up. Like every kid I was teased, bullied, or picked on. Every one of us has experienced some of that. It’s an unfortunate part of growing up. Kids can sure be mean sometimes, and adults too. As I got older people would ask where I lived? I’d answer, in a "Dream World." I guess it was my way of protecting myself, but also of reaching out to new horizons as well.   Albert Einstein once said, "Imagination is more important than Knowledge." He was right.. So let’s remember this, imagination can be your friend. If you really want to do something, anything, try to imagine it first.   Imagine yourself learning about it, achieving it, and finally doing it as well.  And before you know it, you just might have it!

So long for now, Jimmy 
Born in Minnesota, photographer, filmmaker, and gallery owner.
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