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Jimmy Wilson’s The Enchanted Forest No. 16

Jimmy Wilson’s

The Enchanted Forest 

No. 16


Come with us to a land of beauty. 

A place of gentle winds, vibrant colors and an abundance of nature…Of honeysuckle flowers, magnolia and pine…A place where you can sit and hear the oak toads and the meadow lark nearby. 

Just for a moment, leave your cares behind and join Photographer Jimmy Wilson as he takes you into an enchanted forest. It’s a magical place (only Jimmy knows where it is) and there you can rest, take a breath, and maybe even see a dancing butterfly underneath a full moon, or fairy with light pink wings wave hello.



“I don`t hate wolves like some people do, but I don`t love them either.. I`m not at the cabin as much as I`d like these days, but after spending 35 years going up to the bush of the Minnesota Canadian border wilderness, you begin to understand everything has it`s purpose, and the wolves have a right to be there too. I always like when I see wolves up there, as well as all the other varied species of animals, plant life, birds, mustelids, butterflies, trees, and everything else. I still enjoy my trail camera, and when I was up there over the Labor Day holiday, I checked the camera and brought a roll of 35mm film back home with me to get developed, I was happy to find the photograph on the film roll of the wolf pictured here.

Wolves live a violent life. They have to kill to survive. They also are in a never ending struggle within their own pack and hierarchy to survive. Wolves sometimes kill other wolves in their own pack. If they trespass in another wolf pack’s territory they can be killed by the residing pack. You`ll notice this wolf in late summer does not have it`s heavy winter coat on and is slender and tall, that is the way I always see them in summertime. It`s always very special to see a wolf..᾿


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