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Jimmy Wilson’s The Enchanted Forest No. 15

Jimmy Wilson’s 
The Enchanted Forest 
No. 15




The Circle
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The Circle


Jimmy Wilson


I was walking around the lake with my Sister one afternoon, not my usual time to walk around our lake in the Enchanted Forest.   90% of the time I walk in the morning before work.  This time it was fall and late in the afternoon.  We had just about finished our walk and I started to notice seagulls overhead and just in front of us a bit.  I noticed they were gathering and flying back and forth in just a small little area in the sky.  We got a little closer and I looked up again and 9 of them suddenly had formed a circle right above me!  I captured the moment with my camera.  I liked the light and the clouds too.  It was all something my eye noticed, and that`s what I go by deciding what to shoot.  I don`t practice, I don`t go out and practice.   If my eye doesn`t notice, I don`t shoot.  I only shoot when my eye notices something special, it gives me a slight adrenaline feeling and I know then it`s time to get another ‘One’.  I always just go one at a time, one image at a time.  Once I get ‘One’, another special one, it gives me the feeling and yearning and desire, to want to get one more..

After our walk I went home and took a look at the image on my laptop, I liked it..  I showed it to a friend and she noticed right away there were 9 seagulls, something I really didn`t take any interest in at the moment I was capturing the image, or when I first downloaded it and viewed it on my computer.  She told me 9 is a special number, that it’s a number associated with eternity..

I started thinking about the number 9 too.  It takes 9 months for us to develop and be born!  I also thought about the ‘Circle’.  Your heart, your mind, your soul, the Sun and Earth and planets, all circular.  It was easy then picking a name for my new image, the 9 seagulls flying over me, I called it, ‘The Circle’

So long for now, Jimmy

Born in Minnesota, Jimmy Wilson is a photographer, filmmaker, writer, and gallery owner.

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