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Jimmy Wilson’s The Enchanted Forest No. 14

Jimmy Wilson’s 
The Enchanted Forest 
No. 14




Come with us to a land of beauty. 
A place of gentle winds, vibrant colors and an abundance of nature…Of honeysuckle flowers, magnolia and pine…A place where you can sit and hear the oak toads and the meadow lark nearby. 
Just for a moment, leave your cares behind and join Photographer Jimmy Wilson as he takes you into an enchanted forest. It’s a magical place (only Jimmy knows where it is) and there you can rest, take a breath, and maybe even see a dancing butterfly underneath a full moon, or fairy with light pink wings wave hello.



The Great Blue Heron
36 X 43 $1500.00

The Great Blue Heron


Jimmy Wilson

You all know by now I walk around a nearby lake every morning. It`s a great way to start the day. I`ve been doing this for 20 years! Well last Friday I was just finishing up my walk and I ran into a few friends who every Friday morning sit and talk and play some guitar at the lake. I saw them, walked over, said hello and for a few minutes visited and played some guitar too. Just as I was about to leave and go home and get cleaned up and prepare for another day at the gallery, one of my friends said look over there at that heron, why don`t you go capture an image of that heron Jimmy?

I looked over to my right and saw the heron standing perfectly upright on the deck of a sailboat moored in the marina at the lake! For some reason I usually don`t like when people suggest what I could be photographing. Maybe because most of the time I let my eye decide What I`ll be capturing and nothing else. But I remember one of my friends last year mentioning to me that I could capture one of those wild mushrooms that were all about late last summer. It was a rainy summer and the mushrooms were flourishing here. I later thought about what my friend said because I had noticed all these mushrooms about too. The very next day I got one of my finest images ever of a wild mushroom as I was leaving my cabin to go back home, mostly because of my friends suggestion..

I remembered that when I saw the heron. I walked over very quietly and slowly. The herons are very sensitive to people and fly off in an instant if even remotely bothered. I took my time and got closer and closer and was very happy with the result! None of us can do everything on our own, it`s nice to have helpful suggestions from others. Sometimes they turn out to be just what the doctor ordered!

So long for now, Jimmy..

Born in Minnesota, Jimmy Wilson is a photographer, filmmaker, writer, and gallery owner.

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