Debra Fisher Goldstein



‘The Joy Of The Human Spirit’

A Collection of Special Moments

By Debra Fisher Goldstein

May 1st. – May 30th.  2017

Opening Reception: May 3rd 6 – 8PM

Debra Goldstein

As a photographer and writer, Debra Fisher Goldstein celebrates the uplifting, heartfelt moments of the human condition, with the goal of connecting us with each other – and ourselves. She has built bodies of work that focus on moments of beauty, joy, reflection, and humor. 

Debra thrives on large events. Two of her annual events include The Minnesota State Fair where she was a featured photographer for The Minnesota State Fair Foundation, and the Great Pyrenees Club of America’s National Specialty Dog Show, where she is a commemorative photographer.  

“I have always been drawn to – and energized by – our big, communal events, where we meet, merge, collide, and create a tapestry rich in human connection.
It became my desire to focus and frame these moments, and then to share them, thereby creating yet another level of connection. One of the shortest distances between two people is a shared moment.
By capturing “life, as it happens,” I hope to enrich lives, as mine has been made full, with an expanded awareness of the moment, so that we experience in-sight, and the grace and grounding of full-focused living.
I hope that you will pause, smile, laugh, and feel full of life. 
Let us make time to salute the moments that celebrate the joy of the human spirit!”

Debra has owned Gold Fish Communications for over 25 years, serving as a copywriter and brand strategist. She turned her eye to photography in 2006. She has studied with Magnum Photographer Constantine Manos, VII Photographers Ed Kashi, Ashley Gilbertson, Ron Haviv, and Danny Wilcox Frazier, and New York Times Senior Photo Editor and Lens Founder, James Estrin, in addition to many talented mentors locally and nationally.

Debra and her husband Harvey reside in Minneapolis with their two Great Pyrenees.

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