Bonnie Cutts

Jimmy Wilson Gallery


Places I’ve Been

Paintings by Bonnie Cutts

October 1st – November 30th 2016

Bonnie Cutts

Places I’ve Been, my current body of work, is not specific to any particular place or time.
The paintings reference many landscapes, seascapes, and slightly more amorphous
memories. Which isn’t to say I don’t hold these places dear. Over the years, my travels have
invested me in place: in the softness of a sunset, the density of a forest, the rollicking of a
hill. From springtime rebirth to nasty sea-storm—it is the richness of place that often fuels
what feels like necessary reflection in my work. I paint out of necessity.

Can we visit a place we haven’t been? Can we be in a place we haven’t visited? I want to look
at a painting and go there knowing I have been there before. This body of work tugs at this

Bonnie Cutts has been drawing and painting throughout her life. Her practice is rooted in
the natural world around her, and in recent years, in the natural world within. It is these
exterior and interior landscapes—nature’s forms and objects—that have provided the most
substantive grounds for response.

Bonnie’s work has been shown in numerous exhibitions internationally since the early 1980s.
Her work is included in private, public, and corporate collections nationwide. Bonnie
studied at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, where she received a BFA in Studio Art
with a concentration in drawing and painting. She maintains a busy studio practice and
exhibition schedule.

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