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Bob Wolfe

August 1st – September 3oth

Bob Wolfe

Bob Wolfe is an award winning photographer whose career has embraced a variety of genres and
interests. In his fifty years as a photographer, his eclectic work has led him to many interesting and
unique places and events.

Working as a Bio Medical Photographer at the University of Minnesota Hospitals and Health
Science Center, he created images for teaching as well as contributed to numerous medical books,
journals and research papers. His work in the field led him to win the prestigious Sama-Eaton
International Arts Award, chosen for excellence in Bio Medical Photography. He developed and
taught a course in Bio Medical Photography for the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Following his Biomedical career, his other Professional work has included Portraiture, Industrial,
Architectural, Commercial and Photo Essay while also finding much joy in photographing Nature
and Landscape. He is a prolific recorder of everyday life with a passion for social documentary. He
has authored two Children’s Books and has created the images for over seventy others receiving
recognition through the Children’s Reading Roundtable Honors.

Bob feels that photography is a vehicle by which he has been able to deeply observe and share many
aspects of life and the human condition. His challenge has been to demonstrate these varied
vignettes of life, most often, with a single thought provoking image. His photographic experiences
represent the path one man has traveled through life. His objective has been, to passionately
observe, and hopefully artistically record, and ultimately share the adventure, while attempting to
offer a meaningful chronicle of but a few of life’s many mysteries.

Having been involved in the Martial Arts for many years, he holds the rank of Godan-fifth-degree
black belt in traditional Japanese GOJU-Ryu Karate Do. Has been a long time practitioner of Muso
Shinden Ryu lai Do – the art of Japanese Sword drawing techniques and is a daily practitioner of
Yang Family Style Tai Chi. He lives in Minneapolis, with his wife, Diane.

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