June 1st 2017 – July 30th, 2017                  Jimmy Steinfeldt      “My Rock & Roll Photographs”                          Opening Reception: Sat. June 3rd 6 to 9pm

May 1st 2017 – May 30th, 2017                  Debra F. Goldstein    ‘The Joy Of The Human Spirit’                          Opening Reception: Wed. May 3rd 6 to 8pm

April 1st 2017 – April 30th, 2017                 Gene Tierney             ‘Peloton’                                                              Opening Reception: Sat. April 8th 6 to 9pm

February 1st 2017 – March 31st 2017         Ken Moylan              ‘Paintings/Drawings – Sacred Japan. Arch.’      Opening Reception: Wed. February 4th 6 to 9pm

December 1st 2016 – January 30th 2017    Toni Dachis             ‘Papercuts’                                                           Opening Reception: Thur. December 15th 6 to 8PM

October 1st – November 30th 2016    Bonnie Cutts        ‘Places I’ve Been’                                       Opening Reception: Thur. October 6th 6 to 8PM

August 1st – September 30th 2016     Bob Wolfe            ‘A Drop of Life in the Sea of Time’           Opening Reception: Thur. August 4th 6 to 8PM

April 1st – July 30th 2016                      Ed Bock                ‘EXPLORATIONS: Color and Texture’        Opening Reception: Wed. April 20th 6 to 9PM

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